Arte en Denim

About ADN:
We are a vertical Denim Jeans factory strategically located in Puebla, Mexico, which is 75 miles SE of Mexico City. We weave Denim fabric from USA grown bales of cotton and then spin and produce the yarns, weave then cut and sew up to finished jeans through to the final audited shipment to Laredo, Texas, USA. All prices quoted are FOB, Laredo, Texas, USA. All production is done to 2.5AQL in-line audit and a 4.AQL final audit.

Next to our manufacturing facility, we have a warehouse that holds 350,000 – 450,000 jeans for those clients that ask us to execute replenishment programs for them, with projected and approved mid / max inventory levels. We have three facilities in Puebla; our denim fabric mill, our main headquarters that handles design, cutting, laundry, dry processes and finishing, and our finished goods warehouse.In addition, our three modern sewing-only facilities are located within a close proximity drive to Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tlaxcala, from Puebla.

Between our denim mill, cutting room, sewing plants and finishing we have over 480,000 square feet under roof

How many years in business: ADN started in business in Puebla, Mexico in 1987 and is privately owned.

Capacity: Depending on type and seasonality we produce a range between 800,000 > 850,000 per month with our present physical plant structure, (located in two buildings), and can expand to 1.5 times with a 12 month ramp-up.

In our denim factory, we have the capacity for producing 1,640,000 yards in a month.

Capabilities: In-house design and sampling department; landlocked with USA for Quick-Turn business. Terms are FOB, Laredo, Texas, USA. We can work a projected pick-pack business on monthly projections and mid-max inventory levels. We offer a quick-response for all style development. We employ upwards of 3,000 associates and all are well trained for their responsibilities within our plant. Our production technology and modern equipment allows us to work efficiently in all aspects of our Jeans production.

E-commerce: We can execute E-commerce through UPS Logistics shipping batched customer orders via UPS LTL on a weekly basis to your E-commerce fulfillment locations / depots. We are EDI compliant and set up for producing, in-house, all necessary care and content labels, hang tags, shipping labels, etc.