On the search  for a method of creating DENIM in bright and different colors other than the typical indigo to back shades, Denimart has  expanded and patented the EVERCHROME process.

This process is not only delivering a new world of DENIM-COLORS, it is also found to be   a new benchmark for the textile dyeing industry in regard to environmental protection and ecology in general.

Avoiding that hypocrisy becomes the father of the thought, that Denimart was developing a purely ecologic process we state, that our first thoughts were to find a new dyeing concept which would deliver innovation (i.e. new colors, maintaining the typical denim contrast of white weft and wash-out) and cost- leadership.

On this   mission of bringing these concepts together, we have found not only new and innovative  DENIM-EFFECTS and ECONOMY of production but also  a very ECOLOGIC process of dyeing DENIM in general.

The EVERCHROME process uses up to 85% less chemicals and avoiding in general gravity loads of alkalines (salivation of water through neutralization), high loads of sulfur- compounds and emission of brom- derivatives and others.

The EVERCHROME process also saves up to 50% of energy and up to 40% of water due to the high affinity of dyes.

The EVERCHROME process uses dyestuffs which are approved by the ISEGA and hold the Certificate of Conformity of even being used for food packaging. The dyes are free of heavy-metals with the exception of turquoise.

The EVERCHROME process allows the manufacturing of textiles according to ECO-TEX Standard 100.

The only limits of the EVERCHROME process can be found in its shade reproducibility. The shade band in general is higher than with standard indigo and sulfur dyes.