We offer our clients the entire value and supply chain of research and development (R&D) of their new fabric and garment styles. With our deep knowledge base, we give recommendations based on the best advice principle. This service is offered both pre - and post -sale.

An in-house cutting and sewing unit with in-line laundry in a semi-industrial set-up offers the client to test his fabric and  concept up to the desired final state (wash-out, stoned, bleached, dyed, shrunk, etc.).Based on the state-of-art laundry and drying equipment the highest degree of reproducibility is reached.

Fabric and fashion designers or technicians from many industrial laundry companies use the DDC for their trials which is performed either by themselves or by our experienced  lab and laundry technicians.

Our clients leave the DDC not only with a firm idea of their latest fashion, but also with samples and recipes on how to achieve the new styles with their industrial confection and laundry partner.

The DDC enables Denimart to produce fabric styles 100% according to client's specifications. We test fabric stability during the many laundry processes, check shrinkage and other changing variables which can influence final fabric appearance and cost effectiveness of the fabric being developed.